What’s New

What’s New?

Well, let us take a look shall we!

  • Hello 2017, we’re restructured and ready to go
  • We enter 2017 with a cool Status Page
  • Our focus for our website is changing with 2017
  • FAQs, Now you’ll be able to attempt to answer your own question without need to contact us 🙂
  • What’s New, This great page to tell you this great news
  • Client Website Links (at the bottom 🙂 )
  • Speed Improvements (we’re still working on this)
  • Images Images Images with Colour Colour Colour! (everywhere 🙂 )
  • Projects have been rolled out here as well (similar to The Chute, except integrated into our homepage)
  • Fancy new loading method, (that’s a cool blue load bar)
  • Testimonials, (because we want to share your feedback!)
  • Coffees, Biscuits and Doughnuts… Please don’t ask 😀
  • Due to a conflict on our backend, we’ve had to tweak our database. Website all good now
  • Preparation for an admin panel update. We just love to implement updates 😉
  • We’ve updated the first photo that you see when you load our website, the jumbotron. What a lovely photo it is! 🙂

We will update this page as required. It is your responsibility to check this page on regular occasions to see changes!

Thank You.

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Updated 09/06/2017