Steamers Gallery

MP Productions is proud to announce a partnership with WCR711 Steamers Gallery that will include the development of a online photo gallery archive.

Client Information:

Steve Dalton is a very close friend of ours. He has assisted with providing opportunities that not every person would be able to receive. Steve has had a very large history in the Railways and Tramways, including working for West Coast Railways back in the day. Steve is someone who we have a lot of respect for, especially the manner which he is able to approach and handle a situation. Steve’s extensive background knowledge has also better assisted us in creating a website for him. We are very proud to be working with someone as dedicated and kind as Steve Dalton and we wish him and his family all the best as they capture more moments of their lives to share on their brand new website. A personal message to Steve Dalton is that it has been and always will be, a pleasure to have the privilege to work alongside you.

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June Update:

  • MP Productions is glad to still be working alongside Steve Dalton with his Steamers Gallery Website. We are also glad to announce a major overhaul of his website in aim to make it more clear and presentable for his viewers. The overhaul has involved a rework of the general layout of his website, instead of the initial website load going to the gallery, it now loads to the information area of his website which allows for any relevant information to be expressed to viewers before they view the photos on the gallery. As a result of this change the style and layout of the information section to Steve’s website has had a complete rework to allow for the content to be better placed and more easily accessible. MP Productions is very happy with how the overhaul has allowed for the website to perform, and hope that Steve is also just as happy and is able to continue to enjoy the services that have been provided. Steve thank you very much for your patience during these works, we’re glad to have been able to continue to work on your website as a project of ours. MP Productions – June 2016